Hi Vera and Tracy,
Ron and I just want to say thank you for our wonderful little boy! We are 
completely in love with him, and Sophie is happy to meet her little brother too! 
He is a beautiful puppy and so cuddly and sweet. I am so impressed that he is 
totally house broken already! That is such a great surprise. His new name is " 
Theodore Beauregard Bear" otherwise known as Teddy BoBo! He sleeps with us and 
Sophie and has adjusted instantly to his new forever home. Our experience 
purchasing a puppy from you has been remarkable! You both truly care about your 
babies and that shows in the quality of your breeding and puppies. We can't say 
enough positive things about our adoption process with you. We appreciate all 
the effort you made in making sure he arrived to us safely, and I must say that 
the airline did a fabulous job too! We are looking forward to many years of love 
and joy with our new puppy. Thank you, thank you! 

Warm regards,
Steve and Ron

   Testimonial ….                                                                                           
Dean and I had always rescued schnauzers but his time we wanted a puppy from a reputable breeder. I saw Maximillian Schnauzer’s Home Page and the  24-7 puppy webcam. I was so amazed! The puppies were so meticulously cared for. Mighty Max and Strudel had just had a litter of four gorgeous black and white parti puppies. We watched as Strudel lovingly cared for her babies. Vera made sure everything was perfect. This was the way it is suppose to be. We were impressed.

As they grew, we fell in love with Corey. We loved his easy nature, the way he played, and the way he interacted with the others. He had a great personality. They all did. Corey became our forever baby at eight weeks old. We picked him up so we got to meet his parents. They were exceptionally socialized and loving. Vera is very nice and seems like family right away. She really is particular with her dogs and their puppies. Knowing that Corey was well cared for was important to us. Corey has a great personality. He is doing well with potty training at eight months old and is very smart. He just finished his second series of training classes. Dean and I love this boy so much. Thank you Vera for making it possible for us to have a sweet well rounded puppy.             
Dean & LaRaye Arnett
North Carolina
                      Testimonial ….

Dear Vera,
We are now enjoying Newton’s first Christmas at home. He is now 5 months old and adorable. He has become the center of attention in our family (I’d even say, the neighborhood) and behaves surprisingly well. We all love him very much and are very happy to have him with us. Of course, he is utterly spoiled and seems to enjoy it.
We are glad we choose a Maximilian’s Schnauzer for our family. Thank you very much for everything.
Merry Christmas from Weston, FL.
P.D. I am ataching a collage of pictures I hope yu enjoy.

Testimonial ….
After the loss of our beloved 10 year old schnauzer back on February 14th, 2013, our family was devastated.  We had Skip (our 10 year old schnauzer) from the time my kids were 8 and 3, when he passed 10 years later my son was away at college, my daughter in 8th grade and that made it all the more difficult.  I swore I would not get another dog because of Skips long illness and all the suffering he went through, it was tough to watch him deteriorate.  Five months later and the kids doing their own thing, the house was too quiet for my liking.  I started looking at schnauzers online and came across numerous breeders but the one that stood out to me was Maximilian Schnauzers because the video cams that were always on and I started feeling like I knew these dogs and their personalities. I would look at other sites but always came back to Maximilian Schnauzers because I was able to watch the puppies play with each other as well as the adult dogs.  I had my eye on one of the puppies but waited too long and he was sold.  I was a bit disappointed in myself but continued to watch the puppies day and night.  I spoke to my family and they too decided that it was time to have some puppy love back in our home.  There were two puppies that I was watching that were almost identical so I called Vera and asked her if she could hold one of the puppies (Opus) up to the camera for me while I was on the phone with her so I could see him up close, she happily obliged.  I had my daughter sit with me while I called Vera and actually heard her phone ring while I was calling her which reiterated that the cameras were all live.  She held up Opus, who is now Benny and in an instant, we fell in love.  Vera had the puppy to us in two days.  She is very easy to deal with and I would not have trusted anyone else when buying a puppy online.  When we got him from the airport, he had his cute schnauzer haircut, smelled like shampoo and acted as if he’s always known us, very friendly.  Benny has been going potty outside, eating well, LOVES everyone he comes in contact with and we could not be happier.   Vera called numerous time to follow-up on Benny and we now have a lifelong friend in her because Benny has brought us together.  Have no doubts about Maximilian Schnauzers, our Benny is no ordinary puppy because Vera at Maximilian Schnauzers is no ordinary breeder.  Thank you Vera for loving the schnauzer breed, breeding them well and thank you for bring Benny into our lives.
Your friend,
Gina Telleri
Cliffside Park, NJ
Testimonial ….

Hi Vera, 

Today Alex is 1 year old!!  He has brought so much joy to our lives.  We love him dearly and enjoy spoiling him.  He has the best  personality and loves people and wants to cover everyone in kisses.
Alex loves being with us and as a result, goes most everywhere we do.  He weighs 9.5 lbs and we always receive compliments on how unique and beautiful he is. 
He was the star of his “Doggie Manners Class” and won numerous awards.  In the fall, we will do the Canine Good Citizen class. We cannot imagine life without Alex.
Sending you some pictures and our sincere thank you for breeding quality schnauzers!
David and Vicki Baujan
Jacksonville, FL


Testimonial ….


Thank you so much for sending the new pictures of Jackson. They are wonderful and I am so happy to have them.

You have to know that we have all fallen head over heels in love with him. You do raise the most beautiful puppies and there is no way to thank you enough for allowing us the privilege of having him as part of our lives.

We went to the vet today and he is absolutely perfect!!! And, I have to say the absolute hit of the office. I had one of the assistants tell me he the most beautiful puppy she has ever seen. And, she says she has seen a lot!

Attached is the picture of him in his car seat heading home from the airport!

Thank you again and I will stay in touch!

Suzzy Saiko and our entire family!!!


Testimonial ….

Vera, I currently have 4 doggies. They are my babies. They are all different and as such I love them. Throughout my life I have had all sorts of breeds and sizes. They have always been from respectable breeders and all except a daschie have been pretty healthy and lived long lives. I never however had a Toy size. I was always fearful of congenital defects and problems that are costly to treat and can be the source of so much pain and suffering to them and myself as an owner/mommy. But then I got Genie through that generous gift of someone we both love. All I want to say is that of all the dogs I have ever had, and there have been many from Sheperds, Boxers, Shit Tzus, Pekingese, Dobermen, Rotweilers, and Chihuahuas, YOUR Maximillian TOY Schnauzer is by far the best Example of GOOD character in a dog of any size that I have ever experienced. Genie is smart, playful, beautiful, loving, well tempered, behaved, adaptable and well mannered. She stands up to big guys and makes them respect her! You are the BEST breeder of the many good breeders I have ever met because what I see in Genie is only possible through your knowledge. Your dogs are WHO they are and how they are because of you. I am so blessed to have Genie in my life and home.

 Ruth Torres, Wellington, Fl.

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