What is a Guardian home?

Guardianship allows us to expand our breeding program and never have dogs living without their own loving home and family. Guardianship is basically having a loving family dog for its entire life that you share with us for breeding purposes.

How does it work?

Guardian families work together with us as partners and understand that we retain full breeding rights of the dog until it has fulfilled the breeding contract.

Once the dog reaches the age of sexual maturity, we will then require the dog be brought to our home for mating when the dog comes into heat. This will typically be between 5 – 7 days, and then the dog goes back home to you for the remainder of her pregnancy. We will request she be returned to us again right before her litter is due and she will remain with us to whelp her litter and help raise her puppies here in our home for up to 7 weeks. Once the puppies are all weaned she may go back home again to her Guardian family.

If you are receiving a Guardian Home Puppy we ask for monthly photos and updates during the first year so that we can watch her develop, and update our website. We also will require a visit to our Guardian Family’s home every few months during the first year to assess the Guardian Puppy, as well as build a relationship with her for the future. Occasionally, we will ask our Guardian Families to bring the puppy to us for a visit so that she can get comfortable with our home for when she will be here with us in the future having babies.

Responsibilities of a guardian home:

* Guardians must be able to provide a stable and loving home for this special pet.
* You must live within 30 miles of our address In Sanford, Florida.
* You must have a physically fenced yard to provide a safe and secure environment for he puppy/dog.
* The Primary caregiver must have a schedule that allows the dog to NOT be left alone for extended periods on a regular basis.
* All puppies placed in Guardian Families must be indoor dogs and are not to be left outside unattended.
* Guardians must have reliable transportation and be willing to bring dog to us at various times for breeding related appointments.
* Guardians must feed the dog a diet approved by the breeder which would be any of the high end dog food brands available at your local feed store or pet store.
* Guardians must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, mating, whelping, and other breeding related activities.
* Guardians must own and live in a home with a fully fenced yard.
* Guardians must be willing to allow an initial home visit by me prior to being approved for this program, to ensure we are placing the puppy in a safe and adequate environment that will be a good match for the breeding program as well as for the lifetime of the dog.
* Cover basic pet costs related to owning a dog including annual vaccines, grooming, training, emergency medical treatment while in your care, if needed, etc.·
* Have your dog groomed every 5 to 6 weeks.
* Visit our home and a willingness to allow us to visit your home so that the dog and us are familiar with one another.
If you feel being a Guardian to one of our top quality breeding dogs might be something you’re interested in, or if you would like more information about becoming a Guardian, please click here fill out the Application!

We Love our Guardian Homes!! Join Our Family!
Guardian Home is a term for a family who raises and loves one of our breeding dogs for LIFE.
The dog is under contract for breeding and will retire with the Guardian Home once the contract is complete. ​Many of our breeding dogs reside in Guardian Homes and lives the BEST LIFE!
Who qualifies for a Guardianship dog?
We are very selective who we choose to become guardian families. We want to make sure that our
dogs go to safe homes where they will be well cared for and not allowed to escape and get lost or
get run over by a car. We expect the dogs to be family members. We look for people who have had dogs
before. The ideal person is one who has had a dog die of old age. This is a person who knows how
to take care of a dog and is willing to make a commitment for life to one of our dogs.
You must live no more than 30 miles from my Address, Orlando, Fl. Area!!
Guardian families need to fill out an application form and be willing to provide references that
can be contacted during the approval process.
Need Guardian Parents for My Schnauzer Girls!
Must live no more than 30 miles from my Address, Orlando, Fl. Area!
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