Due to the USDA/APHIS REGULATIONS I will never sell any puppies “sight-unseen”


I will not be able to set the price of a puppy till age 4 to 6 weeks old.
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              My puppy prices varies, depending on Size, Color and Type of Coat.

              MINIATURE SIZE:    Pet Price – $3500 to $3900 – maturing between 11-16 lbs.   
                                                 At maturity 11 to 12 inches tall at shoulders
              TOY SIZE:                 Pet Price – $4000 to $4500 – maturing between   7-10 lbs.
                                                 At maturity 9 to 10 inches at shoulders

              TEACUP SIZE:           Pet Price – $4600 to $5500 – maturing between     3-6 lbs.
                                                  At maturity 7 to 8 inches tall at shoulders

              RARE RED WHEATEN COLORS  Pet Price – $15,000 to $25,000 depending on Size


       For any Liver (Chocolate) Color – add $300 to the above price
          The Liver Color is recessive and rare, therefore solid liver, liver/tan, liver parti or
any other variations of the liver gene puppies are sold for a higher price.

Please note,  I do my very best to estimate puppy size at maturity based on puppy’s size at 6 weeks, based on size of parents and previous litters.  I can not guarantee mature size! 

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First Step:   Contact me! Give me a phone call so that we can get to  know each other.  407 330 2515

Second Step:   Please fill out and submit our Puppy Application if you are interested in getting on a waiting list for an upcoming litter

Third Step: Prepare for your New Puppy’s Homecoming!  In addition I will be sending you many emails including the puppy feeding instructions and a shopping list


A Puppy should not be selected based on photos only!

Meet your puppy and your breeder It is advisable to meet your puppy first prior to pick up and see if its personality meets up with who you would like to make your new furever family member! This can be done in person or over live Video Call!

Vera Clark
1075 Wynn St
Sanford, Fl. 32773
Puppy Nanny Delivery Service

In love with our puppies, but not local in Florida? We deliver!
Maximilian Schnauzers® offers a safe and sound hand-delivery service of our puppies to clients all over the world! Domestic puppy delivery within the 50 contiguous states begins at $600. For more information or to arrange for the delivery of your new puppy, please call Vera at +1 (407) 330-2515.

Due to the USDA/APHIS REGULATIONS I will not sell any puppies “sight-unseen”

*Please note that hand-delivery or pickup are the only two options available. We do not ship our puppies in cargo, as it’s an extremely dangerous practice. Even the most well-known airlines, such as Delta, United, and American Airlines, have experienced the death of their passengers’ pets in cargo, and it just isn’t worth the risk.

Please call for an appointment to meet your Puppy, the Parents and Grandparents !
You will see the loving temperaments of all my Schnauzers and their environment they have been raised in.